Tequila 1942 don julio primavera: a drink that is produced by hand in limited editions

Tequila 1942 don julio primavera: a drink that is produced by hand in limited editions Drinks

All connoisseurs of tequila and admirers of elite alcohol are sure that don julio 1942 primavera is a drink with a beautiful legend.  “Agave vodka” of this brand today has a high value among tequilas. Uncompromising quality is what the company has been proud of for more than 80 years.

Today, the brand is represented on the market by six different drinks, but 1942 primavera remains the hallmark of the company. The drink got its name in honor of the year the first distillery was founded by Don Julio Gonzalez.

Brand history 1942 don julio primavera

At the age of 17, Don Julio had already created his own recipe and production concept. He did not have the funds to bring the idea to life, so he turned to a local wealthy entrepreneur with a request to invest in his plant. The businessman liked the idea, and he sponsored the opening of the enterprise.

These are the stories of the founding of the distillery, it is still named after the founder Don Julio, although the brand is officially registered as Primavera (“spring” – Spanish).  A tequila company could only be located in Mexico, so Don Julio chose the Jalisco region, whose soil was ideal for growing the blue agave from which don julio 1942 limited edition is made.  The number of drinks produced each year is limited and does not exceed 600 boxes.  Agave, for the best drink, must be fully ripe, so there is only enough of it every year for a limited amount. Moreover, the production process has not changed for 80 years.

For 40 years, Don Julio has been developing his ideal recipe, so the modern generation respectfully continues his work.

How don julio 1942 primavera is made

For Don Julio, quality has always been much more important than the quantity of his product. Therefore, agave is planted in the fertile red earth at a certain distance from each other. This allows her to grow normally. But still, the agave ripens for 10 years, so the harvest is very small and the don julio 1942 limited edition is produced.

By the time of ripening, the company’s employees manually collect only the ripest agave. Each fruit is cut into three or four parts and placed in an ancient stone oven, where the agave languishes for three days. Agave releases juice during this time, sweet and tasty, which becomes the basis of the future tequila.

Alcohol for the production of the drink is also made independently. It goes through double distillation. The finished drink is aged for 2.5 years, after which don julio 1942 primavera is considered ready. Each bottle is pre-ordered and delivered to the best bars, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. Less often, it can be ordered in elite nightclubs or expensive elite alcohol stores.

What does 1942 primavera tequila taste like

Tequila matures in oak barrels, in which oranges were specially stored before. Therefore, the drink absorbs these tastes. In addition, the bouquet contains chocolate and coffee, light notes of pineapple, vanilla, and caramel, alcohol is almost not felt.

The bouquet of aromas shows the presence of floral notes, apple, and orange peels.

Tequila 1942 don julio primavera: a drink that is produced by hand in limited editions

How to drink tequila

Everyone who has ever drunk a drink with this name knows that the classic snack for tequila is salt and lemon. But in some European countries, tequila is drunk with an orange slice, which is first dipped in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Also, lemon is replaced with grapefruit or pineapple.

A more extreme way, which is used most often in the homeland of the drink in Mexico, is to first bite off a hot chili pepper and then drink tequila.

If tequila is the main drink on the holiday, you need to have a good snack, because it is strong (40%) and intoxication comes quickly enough. Cheese and meat slices go best with tequila. If the meat is grilled, it is advisable to serve it with a spicy Mexican sauce. Quesadillas and burritos are also considered classic additions and snacks to this drink.

Interestingly, in Mexico, tequila is almost never eaten (except for the already described method with hot peppers). In order to drink agave vodka, they even came up with a special drink – sangrita. Hell’s mixture consists of fresh lime, and orange, with the addition of tomato juice and chili peppers.

But such an exquisite drink as don julio 1942 can be drunk savoring, a little bit, without snacking, because it is a delicacy among tequilas.

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