What is the benefit of green tea for women and men, its possible harm

What is the benefit of green tea for women and men, its possible harm Drinks

Green tea is widely known, primarily due to its beneficial properties. It is believed that regular use of this type of tea contributes to the healing of the whole body. This opinion is true to some extent, since green tea does have a beneficial effect on human health, but it can also be harmful.

Useful properties of green tea

Green tea is characterized by a high content of valuable substances and microelements since in the production process the tea leaf undergoes minimal processing. Thus, with regular use, green tea has a complex effect on the whole body:

  • increases immunity and helps to cope with colds due to antiviral and antibacterial effect;
  • removes toxins and toxins, relieves swelling;
  • strengthens the digestive, cardiovascular and endocrine system;
  • improves the condition of the skin, teeth, and hair.

dry green tea leaves

In addition, green tea gently tones the nervous system, improves performance, and improves the body’s ability to cope with stress.

From a headache

Green tea helps a lot at the beginning of a headache attack and is also an effective prophylactic. Tea has several beneficial effects, thanks to which the headache disappears:

  • relieves spasms due to the high content of caffeine;
  • dilutes the blood and lowers blood pressure, relieving the pain that appears due to high blood pressure;
  • in general, normalizes the brain.

For a better effect, you can add a couple of mint leaves to the tea.

For face

Green tea has proven itself in cosmetology due to its antioxidant and tonic properties. The skin condition improves not only with the usual use of the drink: based on tea, you can make various infusions, compresses, and masks that are applied to the face.

the benefits of green tea for the face

Ice made from tea tones the eye area relieves swelling and bruising. With regular use of masks made from tea leaves, the skin becomes more toned and its tone improves. If you have oily skin prone to acne or inflammation, then green tea will help dry it and narrow your pores.

For the kidneys

A large amount of green tea is more likely to harm the kidneys since this drink produces a strong diuretic effect. With a lack of fluid in the kidneys, acids and salts accumulate, as a result of which stones are formed.

Nevertheless, reasonable amounts of green tea are beneficial for the kidneys, as it helps to eliminate accumulated toxins, and fluid deficiency does not occur.

For the liver

Due to the diuretic effect, green tea is also useful for the normal functioning of the liver. In addition, it contributes to the prevention of cholelithiasis. With regular use of tea, the functioning of the gallbladder is restored, and sand and small stones come out of the biliary tract.

benefit of green tea

According to some studies, green tea helps the liver cope with the effects of harmful substances such as alcohol and nicotine. Of course, the drink cannot be considered a panacea, but it is quite capable of reducing the effect of toxins on liver cells.

In diabetes

Green tea has the following beneficial properties for diabetic disorders:

  • increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin (thereby lowering sugar levels);
  • contributes to weight loss;
  • mitigates the negative effects of taking medications;
  • stimulates the pancreas.

Of course, the drink will not help get rid of diabetes, but its regular use helps to reduce glucose levels and helps to cope with concomitant diseases.

For the digestive system

Green tea has a pronounced antibacterial effect, as a result of which it improves the condition of food poisoning, and also helps to restore the normal intestinal microflora and cope with dysbiosis.

What is the benefit of green tea for women and men, its possible harm

Tea contains a special substance – tannin, which normalizes the digestive tract and improves intestinal motility. Thus, with constant use of the drink, you can get rid of digestive problems.

For the cardiovascular system

Green tea also has an important benefit in the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system:

  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels, makes them more elastic;
  • prevents thrombosis due to elements such as polyphenols;
  • reduces blood cholesterol, preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis;
  • reduces blood pressure, helps in the initial stage of hypertension.

According to Dutch scientists, green tea also reduces the risk of a heart attack. Researchers analyzed the effect of tea on older people and concluded that those who drank several cups of green tea daily had heart attacks 2 times less often than those who did not.

This article will talk about how to brew, and in what quantities to use green tea, if you have pressure.

Why green tea is good for women

As noted above, green tea promotes weight loss and normal digestion. It is important that the substances that make up its composition improve hormonal levels and well-being during menopause, as well as reduce the risk of developing oncology. In addition, green tea is used for cosmetic purposes, since various products based on it have a tonic and firming effect.

How to brew green tea right

Why green tea is good for men

First of all, tea contributes to the production of testosterone, thereby increasing potency. The drink has a strengthening effect on the entire reproductive system and reduces the risk of prostate inflammation.

In addition, with the regular use of green tea, the heart and blood vessels strengthen, and endurance and stress resistance increase, which is very useful for hard physical or mental work.

What is harmful green tea

In some situations, the beneficial properties of green tea can lead to undesirable consequences. First of all, it is dangerous due to the high content of caffeine, so a large amount of tea can harm the heart and nervous system.

You also need to remember that tea has a pronounced diuretic effect, which can lead not only to a lack of fluid, but also to the washing out of valuable substances from tissues. This phenomenon, in turn, leads to a weakening of the whole organism, vitamin deficiency and diseases of bones and joints.

There are some contraindications, in the presence of which you can not drink green tea. Among them, the following violations can be distinguished:

  • increased nervous excitability, unstable mental state;
  • tachycardia (and some other diseases of the cardiovascular system);
  • chronic gastrointestinal diseases (ulcers, gastritis);
  • diseases of the liver, kidneys.

What is the benefit of green tea for women and men, its possible harm

In addition to all the above, it is important to know that during pregnancy and lactation they drink green tea with caution and in limited quantities.

What is the most healthy green tea?

The greatest benefit can be obtained only from the use of quality leaf tea. It is important that it does not contain impurities or chemical flavors.

The highest quality raw materials are grown and produced in China because it was in this country that tea was cultivated for many centuries.

Nevertheless, connoisseurs of green tea often dwell on exquisite Japanese or South Asian varieties. In any case, when choosing tea, you need to pay attention to the country of origin and place of packaging, as well as the expiration date.

The benefits and harms of green tea bags

It is generally accepted that for the production of tea in bags there is waste that remains after processing large-leaf. Often flavors are added to such tea to get a richer flavor and aroma. Green tea bag, among other things, has a high fluorine content, which can negatively affect human health.

At the same time, bona fide manufacturers are trying to produce truly high-quality tea bags. Its difference from the sheet is only that the leaves are cut into small pieces.

Accordingly, the finished drink has the same beneficial properties as tea brewed from the placer.

Interestingly, the bags are convenient to use as a compress: they can be applied to the wounds or put on the eye area since green tea has a powerful antibacterial and tonic effect.

What is the benefit of green tea for women and men, its possible harm

Health benefits and harms of green tea after 50 years

For the elderly, all of the above beneficial properties of green tea are important, but special attention should be paid to the fact that tea improves the function of the bladder and facilitates the postmenopausal period for women.

It is important to note that people at this age are recommended to drink green tea only in the first half of the day, as their body slowly eliminates tonic components, which ultimately affects falling asleep.

Benefits and harms of green tea extract

The healing properties of green tea turned out to be so significant that manufacturers of dietary supplements began to produce a water-alcohol extract of green tea. It is available in the form of tablets, capsules, powder, or liquid tinctures, which are convenient for dosed use.

The extract is a concentrated extract of the valuable components that are in green tea, so it acts on the body more effectively than a regular drink. Its benefits are to increase immunity, strengthen the cardiovascular system, eliminate harmful substances, and rejuvenate the body.

benefit of green tea for women and men

It is important to remember that abuse of the extract can lead to overdose and negative consequences, so it must be used in strict accordance with the attached instructions.

Strong green tea is good or bad

Too strong green tea is harmful to health because it contains an increased concentration of substances such as caffeine, thein, catechin. A high dose of these elements negatively affects the body: it inhibits the nervous system and increases blood pressure.

Strong green tea is contraindicated for people suffering from nervous system disorders or mental disorders, and healthy people should not drink it at night, as its use can cause insomnia.

Why you can not drink a lot of green tea

As in previous cases, an increased amount of green tea negatively affects the body:

  • the stimulating effect of caffeine leads to anxiety and nervousness;
  • with a high concentration of antioxidants, the level of immunity decreases;
  • the diuretic effect leads to dehydration and leaching of minerals from bone tissue.

benefit of green tea for women and men

Therefore, green tea should not be abused. It is estimated that up to 1.5 liters of weak tea can be drunk per day. If you prefer well-brewed tea, then the daily dose should be no more than 2-3 cups.

The benefits and harms of strong green tea

Strong green tea is perhaps best known as a prison drink, but truckers and people of other professions, where vigor is important for a long time, also use it. Strong green tea is a kind of energy, after the use of which there is a feeling of excitement and an influx of forces.

It is important to remember that strong green tea, in fact, is a very, very strong tea that has a complex negative effect on the body:

  • the nervous system suffers, neuroses and disorders of consciousness appear;
  • cardiac activity worsens, vasospasms are possible, which leads to headaches;
  • digestive disorders are observed, with prolonged use, gastritis develops;
  • tooth enamel turns yellow, sores appear on the oral mucosa.

As a rule, black tea is used for strong green tea, since the green variety does not give the “right” stimulating effect. If the strong green tea is still brewed from green tea, then the tea leaves take much more, and the effect of such a drink will be similar to the properties described above.

benefit of green tea for women and men

Green tea is not only a pleasant and tasty drink, but also a real storehouse of nutrients, thanks to which the condition of the whole body improves. Despite all its benefits, green tea can cause negative consequences, so they should not be abused.

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