English toffee ice cream

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No Food preparation called for. No Ice Cream Manufacturer Needed. Delicious, luscious, revitalizing, English toffee ice cream.

There’s absolutely nothing far better than cool luscious ice cream on a very warm day. And also, it’s also far better if that ice cream is homemade. Does that desire to invest all that time over the oven food preparation custard? And also, after that, you need to wait to freeze it. And also, suppose you do not have an ice cream device?

Do not worry, my good friends. This quite fast as well as basic little dish is the response. No food preparation! You do not have to warm up your cooking area. You obtain the very same lush velvety structure.

The energetic time for this dish is just around 15 mins. A little mixing, a little pounding. And also, a great deal of waiting. That’s actually the hardest component – the waiting! Wait up until it’s iced up like ice cream. You do not also need to mix it while it ices up. In some cases, I’ll mix it every hr or so simply to make certain that the pieces of nuts aren’t sinking to the base, of course, if you add them.

english toffee ice cream

As well as, as if that had not been sufficient factor to like this dish, you can additionally utilize it as a base for all sort of various tastes. Include any type of smashed sweet bar you desire. Make Snickers ice cream. Or, Reese’s. Make 50/50 bar ice cream by replacing orange juice for the coffee as well as overlook the sweet. Make toasted almond by trading the coffee for almond milk as well as including toasted almond bits as opposed to the sweet. Make easy vanilla ice cream by subbing the coffee for milk. Attempt delicious chocolate chips for the sweet. Pumpkin ice cream. Rum raisin ice cream. The alternatives are countless. But if you like iced caramel or vanilla coffee you will like this recipe too.

Delicious English toffee ice cream simply obtained way much better with crispy little nuts and with caramel sauce. I have actually constantly been an appearance individual. I enjoy having a little problem craze. It simply tastes far better for me. This sauce is very smooth as well as those little nuggets of nuts include the excellent something.

Today I have actually associated a lot of fantastic blog writers to have an ice cream social to prepare for Labor Day Weekend Break. After you review this tasty development, scroll to the base to see what everybody else is dishing out, like our English toffee ice cream!
I am sure you will love this English toffee ice cream just like me. After all, it is not difficult to cook, the main part of the time is cooking toffee. In this case, we can prepare it in advance and use it to prepare ice cream for only 15 minutes.

There’s absolutely nothing far better than chilly velvety ice cream on an incredibly warm day. Make 50/50 bar ice cream by adding orange juice or the coffee and also leave out the sweet, if you wanna get something new. Make straightforward vanilla ice cream by subbing the vanilla to heavy cream. Delicious caramel ice cream sauce simply obtained way much better with crispy little nuts bits.

english toffee ice cream

How long does it take to freeze an ice cream?

This may depend on many factors. Basically, the freezing time of home-made ice cream in the freezer is about 4-6 hours. If you added nuts, sweets, or something else to the ice cream, then during the freezing process you need to stir the ice cream so that the filling does not settle to the bottom. Stir the ice cream about once every 30 minutes, until it finally hardens. It is also a convenient way to check how much ice cream is ready to eat. If the ice cream turned out to be too frozen, move it to the refrigerator for 0.5-1 hours before drinking. The main thing is not to eat everything before the ice cream has time to freeze.

How long you can store homemade English toffee ice cream?

Usually, we buy ice cream in a store and look at its shelf life on the packaging, but how much should you store homemade ice cream and under what conditions? Natural homemade English toffee ice cream is not only tasty but also a healthy treat. It can be stored in the freezer at temperatures from -12 ° C to -18 ° C for no more than 2 weeks. You can freeze dessert in any container, but there should not be open areas, they must all be closed, for example, with cling film.

english toffee ice cream

What can replace toffee?

In this recipe, we use boiled condensed milk as caramel. It really is very similar in taste, but most often you will have to cook it yourself. If you like to cook, you can also make completely homemade caramel and add it to the ice cream. However, is it possible to use something ready-made you ask for a similar taste? One of the options is to look for soft caramel sweets in the store and use them, it will be a little more difficult to mix with ice cream and small pieces may remain, but it will turn out to be delicious anyway. Another option is to use hard caramel, candy bars or crushed sweets. The last option is to simply add caramel sauce or syrup to the ice cream, and it will nevertheless be very tasty. And to be honest, you just need to choose the option that you like most, but first, try them all.

English toffee ice cream

Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time2 hours
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: caramel, ice, ice cream, toffee
Servings: 2


  • pressure cooker (optional)


  • 1 tin condensed milk
  • 250 ml heavy cream
  • nuts (optional)


  • Take a tin of sealed condensed milk. Place it in a pressure cooker (or use a pan). Cover it with water. Close the lid.
    english toffee ice cream
  • Cook for 1 whistle on high flame. Then cook on low flame for 30 minutes. If you use a pan, cook 2.5 hours on low flame. If there is little water until the process finish, add it.
    english toffee ice cream
  • Remove from heat. Leave it for a few hours or overnight.
    toffee ice cream
  • Let the all pressure goes out. And you will get great caramel.
    toffee ice cream
  • Add 250ml of heavy cream or fresh cream into a bowl. Beat until it reaches to stiff peaks. Make sure your cream is chilled.
    toffee ice cream
  • Add all the caramel that we get before.
    toffee ice cream
  • Mix until everything is well combined.
    toffee ice cream
  • Transfer it to an airtight container. Tap it twice.
    toffee ice cream
  • Cover with cling wrap or plastic sheet. Make sure it touches the cream.
    toffee ice cream
  • Freeze it for 4-6 hours. After, scoop it and serve.
    toffee ice cream
  • Add caramel sauce if you want and enjoy your homemade English toffee ice cream.
    english toffee ice cream

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