How to choose a tactical pouch?

How to choose a tactical pouch? Interesting

Materials for the manufacture of tactical pouches

Tactical pouches are often made from Avisent, a nylon fabric impregnated with acrylic. It is characterized by high tensile strength, relatively low weight, low cost and resistance to low temperatures. Of the shortcomings – the ability to pass water.

Most often, tactical pouches are made from Cordura, a very high-density nylon fabric with a polyurethane coating and a special water-repellent impregnation performed in several stages. In addition, the composition includes cotton (up to 10%), which increases the resistance to abrasion. The disadvantages include the large weight of products made from it.

Tactical pouches made of Oxford fabric are distinguished by their lighter weight. It is also made of nylon, differing from Cordura in the structure of the threads. Such a fabric is not only lighter, but also thinner, but it has less tear strength and abrasion.

Types of tactical pouches

Most often, tactical pouches are classified according to their purpose. The most versatile of them is the so-called “sugar” – utility bags designed to carry additional ammunition, masks, gloves and other additional equipment. They are often used for both ammo and case collection. The sizes of such products can be very different, as well as their capacity.

Of the specialized tactical pouches, the most popular are products for carrying ammunition – magazines with cartridges and grenades. Due to the design features of these types of ammunition, the pouches intended for them differ markedly from each other.

In particular, the grenade pouch provides a secure fit, easy removal due to the presence of a special tape, and protection of the ring from accidental pulling out.

Single magazine pouches also provide ease of removal, but are equipped with mechanisms to prevent ammunition from falling out. At the same time, the side walls of the product have special inserts that prevent damage to the contents during mechanical action. The pouches for used magazines have a similar design, but at the same time they are more compact and protected from dirt.

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