Menu Covers: best ideas of material and design

Menu Covers: best ideas of material and design Interesting

After visitors enter a cafe or restaurant, the first thing they do is evaluate its exterior and interior, consider the table setting, and analyze the uniform of the attendants. A lot of attention is paid to all these elements, so much, that sometimes these details completely absorb the importance of the menu covers, and this is completely in vain. Such a product is intended, at first, to start a kind of dialogue between the institution and the client. Such a cover should inspire confidence in the visitor, and at the same time emphasize the status and high standards of service that await him.

Creating a custom menu folder for a cafe or restaurant is not an easy task. This accessory can convey all the benefits that the visitor receives by choosing the right dish. To maximize the advantage of emphasizing all the advantages of the institution and conveying its flavor to the guest, the menu is used most often. It should be very pleasant to look at and flip through the menu, and therefore it is recommended to arrange such a folder in a single high-quality style.

How to choose the material for the menu cover?

The material for making the folder me has a special meaning. First, it must be practical to use, as it will be used many times. The appearance of the menu should remain at a high level after daily use. Therefore, it is better to choose high-quality materials than cheap vinyl or leatherette. The professional production of covers for the menu from leather of natural origin indicates the high status of the institution and the level of service.

The finish of the covers intended for the menu is also very diverse. The logo applied to such products has recently become an increasingly relevant design option. For this purpose, a printing method or embossing is used; embroidery or appliqués are often used on leather folders.

Such decor is developed considering the general style of a cafe or restaurant, and the convenience and practicality of using covers for this type of menu are also not discounted. It should be as comfortable as possible for everyone to work with them: not only visitors, but also the staff of the institution.

If you look inside such a cover, you will notice that its interior design is traditionally done in the same style with the institution’s logo or the design in which its interior is designed. The most common option is text with the names and descriptions of dishes, complemented by colorful, appetizing photos. The latter, of course, can be taken on the Web, but it is much better to specially order photography of the dishes of a particular institution to maintain individuality and corporate identity. The correct arrangement and processing of photos to make them more appetizing will be prompted by professional designers specializing in this direction.

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