The benefits of diuretic green tea

The benefits of diuretic green tea Drinks

By now, we all already know the importance of drinking at least two liters of water a day and staying well hydrated. But, to take further advantage of drinking plenty of fluids (and not always drinking water, which ends up being boring), we should drink diuretic green tea more often.

The benefits of diuretic green tea

We know that life on our planet arose from the water. And we also know that our bodies contain at least 65% water. What else do you need to know to start drinking 2 liters of water daily and take hydration seriously?

If your reason for not drinking water is that it doesn’t taste like anything and bores your palate, you have no more excuses. Green tea is 99% water, and one of the best ways to stay well hydrated. Because, in addition, it is a diuretic.

Some people believe that diuretic properties are unwanted and that it would be better to avoid them. The truth is that diuretic substances can be harmful if consumed in excess, but, in the case of tea, we should take at least ten cups at a time for there to be any risk. And, for those who drink tea often, that minimum amount increases even more, as the body creates a tolerance to the caffeine that green tea contains.

diuretic green tea

By contrast, diuretic green tea will help us activate metabolism and improve the performance of our body. As well as to eliminate a large number of toxic substances present in the body as a consequence of bad habits and cellular metabolism.

What does it mean for a drink to be diuretic? It’s good?

Generally, we are used to thinking that the fact that a drink is a diuretic is bad. However, this is because it forces us to go to the bathroom many times. However, this shouldn’t be a problem, if at all, a discomfort. Actually, when we go to the bathroom and urinate, what we are doing is eliminating all the waste that the body does not need. The urine is produced in the kidneys, which are the organs in charge of filtering the blood. In this way, once the blood has been purified, the kidneys send it back to the circulatory system. On the contrary, the remains of toxins and wastes that it has obtained from said filtering are redirected to the bladder. That it is the organ in charge of storing the urine until it is expelled by the body when we go to the bathroom.

Thus, when we say that diuretic green tea makes us go to the bathroom many times, in reality, what it does is purify us many times. It is true that it can be a nuisance if we do not have a sink nearby. But, unless we are on the street, that situation is rare.

Where does the urine waste come from?

In reality, our bodies tend to accumulate toxins in many ways. Firstly, there are a large number of toxins from cellular activity. The cells of our body take the necessary oxygen and nutrients from the blood. This is ultimately what we are talking about when we refer to metabolism. They then expel CO2 and waste substances, which end up in the blood again. CO2 is expelled through the lungs, but the rest of the waste travels through the blood to the kidneys. They will then be separated and sent to the bladder in the form of urine so that they can be expelled.

diuretic green tea

On the other hand, we also have to take into account that there are other types of toxins, those that come from the environment and not from metabolism. These types of toxins pass into our body in many ways. From the food we eat to the air we breathe. Some examples are air pollution, or the chemicals and other substances present in food that, without being nutrients, we end up ingesting when we eat. These substances, which are toxins from the beginning to the body, also end up in the blood. Thus, to expel them, they must travel to the kidneys, where they will be eliminated through the urine.

Diuretic green tea: an ally for our kidneys

However, to produce urine, it is necessary to have the necessary liquids so that our body can do without an important part of its water. Likewise, there are certain foods or drinks that favor the functioning of the kidneys. The best example we have in diuretic green tea, which works by facilitating the work of the kidneys, making them purify our blood more easily.

Does consuming a lot of diuretic green tea have side effects?

Whether we consume green tea with diuretic reasons, or if we do it with any other drink of these characteristics, everything has its side effects. The correct thing, to avoid them, is responsible for consumption and adapted to the needs of each person. The side effects of excessive consumption of diuretic drinks can be noticed in the excessive elimination of minerals. With urine, in addition to water and toxins, some nutrients are also eliminated that “filter” through the kidney filter. For this reason, excessive consumption could lead to the loss of some important minerals for the correct balance.

However, the side effects of insufficient fluid intake would be more dangerous to health. Since toxins would accumulate in our blood, ending up poisoning us and making us sick. Thus, the correct thing will be an adequate consumption of liquids, especially beverages such as diuretic green tea, which in addition to favoring urine production also helps the normal work of the kidneys.

The positive effects: more energy

Green tea and its caffeine (and theanine) help activate your body. That is why it is so beneficial to take it in the morning, still fasting. And one of the effects of this acceleration of metabolism (accompanied, at the same time, by a sensation of relaxation typical of tea and that we will not find in coffee) is the improvement of the performance of the metabolism, providing more energy to our lives and our day to day work.

For this same reason, drinking green tea also burns fat more easily. With more effective energy absorption, the digestive system is also improved. That includes, of course, the filtration and disposal of toxins (and the remains of burned fats). That is the best part of the diuretic properties of tea.

diuretic green tea

In fact, this is one of the reasons why drinking three or four cups of green tea during the day helps to lose pounds quickly. And it is even more effective if we have accumulated liquids in our body because, in a matter of days, drinking green tea will help our body to get rid of all the excess liquid. As well as leaving behind the feeling of bloating that so often accompanies us.

And yes, drinking green tea often in the heat of summer is not as idyllic as drinking in front of a bonfire in winter. But there is no excuse that exists if there is iced green tea!


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