What is green tea powder and what uses does it have?

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One of the most famous teas they have been drinking in recent years is powdered green tea. However, do you know what exactly this type of tea is and what uses it has?

Although when we talk about tea, the first thing that comes to mind is an infusion of this plant, matcha tea, which is what green tea powder is called, has many uses, some intended to drink as we are used to drinking any kind of tea. Others, on the other hand, can range from gastronomy to cosmetics and, in all these cases, it is the same type of green tea: matcha tea.

What is green tea powder?

This type of tea is obtained from the tea leaves in the same way that traditional green tea is obtained. However, it is true that these are tea plants that are usually treated in a special way. Initially, they are tea plants that are usually covered by greenhouses, allowing them to grow in a more protected way.

This makes it a tea whose final flavor is much sweeter than other green tea varieties. In addition, unlike other teas, to make powdered green tea, the leaves of the tea plant are removed and allowed to dry. Next, what is done to obtain the precious powder is to separate the ribs of the leaf from the softest part of it, which will be the matcha tea. Finally, this resulting raw material is pulverized until its final appearance is obtained, which is that of a very fine green powder and with a much sweeter aroma than that of other varieties of green tea.

How is powdered or matcha green tea taken?

Unlike what happens with other varieties of green tea, matcha tea is not consumed infused but diluted in water. As it is such a fine powder, it is mixed directly with hot water using a special brush for this type of tea, made of bamboo, and called chasen. In this way, a drink is obtained that has a much higher concentration than infused teas, which also makes it have a unique and very characteristic aroma.

What other uses does green tea powder have?

However, precisely because of the way this type of tea is presented, its uses go far beyond drinking. In fact, it is one of the ingredients of Japanese cuisine that is most widely used in many of its dishes. For example in the preparation of desserts, where we can find green tea flan, green tea truffles, or green tea mochis. All of them, made using matcha tea, which is the one that offers the best properties when used in the culinary sector.

However, green tea powder can also be used in the cosmetic sector. In fact, there are more and more treatments and products such as creams and scrubs that include powdered green tea among its ingredients, which allows you to benefit from all its properties not only through its intake but through direct application on the skin.

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