Canoeing, kayaking, sup surfing, and surfing: how they differ from each other and what their features are

Canoeing, kayaking, sup surfing, and surfing Interesting

Water sport always attracts fans of competitions by its peculiarity. After all, it’s one thing to perform the standards on land, and quite another thing in water. The latter is a completely different element, a kind of resistance that must be overcome. Today there are a large number of water sports, in this article, we will consider some of them.


It is an Olympic sport. The canoe is a kind of boat. Its construction is very narrow and the stern is high above the surface of the water. A sports canoe has to be light, so it is mostly made of plastic. The movement is carried out with the help of single-bladed oars. Steering is also done with the paddles by turning its blade or by changing the trajectory of the movement.

Canoeing is an Olympic sport. Its essence lies in the fact that participants must overcome a particular track as quickly as possible. Places are allocated between competitors depending on how fast they pass the finish line.


Kayaking is an extreme sport that involves moving through the water on a single-seater enclosed boat – a kayak. To move and control the boat a special double blade paddle is used which the kayaker paddles alternately on the right and left sides of the boat. That is the difference between a kayak and a canoe (they look very similar).

Kayaking can be seen not only as an extreme sport but as a way of life. Many people kayak to explore the open waters or just to take a ride through interesting scenery. This activity can be done by almost anyone, with minimal prior training.

Sup Surfing

Sup surfing is the same surfing, but it uses not only aboard, but also a single-bladed paddle. As a sport, sailing surfing is relatively new. But the practice of paddleboarding itself is quite old. It is believed that it originated in Hawaii, when the locals in the struggle for tourists carried the latter away from the shore, using a board with paddles for this purpose.

Like kayaking, sup-surfing can be seen as an extreme activity as well as a slower one. This sport allows you to get a fair share of adrenaline, for example, if you will overcome the high crests of the waves. If you are not into extreme sports, sup surfing can be seen as a great way to explore your surroundings.


Surfing is a truly extreme sport. Its essence is that the surfer overcomes on a special board (without a paddle) the high crests of waves. The art of this sport lies in the ability to carry out high-speed maneuvers among the waves. The adrenaline rush effect is intense as the rider reaches the top of the wave a few meters above the water’s surface before dropping back down sharply to surge up again in front of the next wave. All in all, the sensation is inexpressible.

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